Art For Sale!

Many items are one of a kind, once they are sold, there will not be another exactly like it!

shipping on one pixie is $3.00 ~ shipping on anything more is just $5.oo total

payment can be made thru paypal or thru my own merchant machine (discover, american express, visa or mastercard)

contact me thru the comment button below the item that you are interested in!

May 20, 2008

Mini Pix

She is a little shorter than most of the pixies.
She has bright colors, acorn cap, handpainted face.
Her hair is brown wool roving and her olive wool jacket has beaded accents.

Rainbow Braid

This pixie is sure to brighten your day! Her hair is braided purple, orange and olive wool roving.
Her face is handpainted and capped off with a real acorn.
Her wool vest is hand stitched with beaded accents.
Cost: $14

Forest Fairie

This fairie is in colors of the spring forest. Her green wool roving hair has beaded accents. Her jacket is handstitched in yellow wool felt.

Orange Blossom

This orange blossom fairy has orange wool roving pigtails, white wool jacket with beaded accents.


May 18, 2008

Here they come!

This week I will begin adding pixies that are available for purchase. I am stocking up for a summer craft fair. If you see one that you would like, contact me via email or the comment section below.
This is a fun pink pixies, with braided pink wool hair and beaded accents.

Nov 15, 2007

pixies past

most of these girls are gone to new homes!

Burgandy Pixie

Wool handstiched shirt, wool hair, handpainted wooden face.
cost $14.00


This pixie has sold

mini pixie

This pixie is a tiny one - a little over 2 inches high!

She has the same wool handstitched sweater and wood hand painted face as her bigger siblings, she just has not grown yet! her wings are miniature, but they are there.

Cost: $14


Purple Power

Sorry, this pixie has sold
This pixie pair is $24.00

November's Pixie

She is all decked out in colors of the harvest - but she will brighten your home the whole year thru!

hand stitched wool shirt, wool hair and hand painted wooden face.



Cost is $24 (the babies are tiny, but they take a lot of time!)

Forest Pixie - sold

She is one of my favorite pixies! Hand stitched wool vest, handpainted wood face, acorn cap, wool hair and flower dress and wings. Green tights with pink highlights and purple boots.
Cost is $14


All pixies are handmade. They can bend, stand, hold items with their hands. They vary in height, most are about 3 1/2" tall.

Tops are handstitched, hair is wool, hats are acorns. Most have boots and some have tights. Wood faces are handpainted. They take approximately 2 - 3 hours to complete each fairy!